Thun Eos arriving at the port area.

Slagen Energy Hub

Shipping constitutes 2-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. We must decarbonize maritime transport and support the energy transition to reduce emissions. We can limit carbon emissions by utilizing renewable power to make green fuels such as green hydrogen and green ammonia, making global energy systems more sustainable.


Ten thousand vessels pass by the Slagen terminal in the Oslo fjord yearly. Slagen Energy Hub will aim to also make Slagen a hub for lower-emission shipping fuels.


The project looks to produce up to 50 metric tonnes of green hydrogen daily and distribute up to 200,000 metric tonnes of green ammonia annually by 2028.


The team comprises four industry partners, each bringing complementary skills and experience within their respective fields: Esso Norge, Green H, North Ammonia and Grieg Edge.

The view to the Port area from the sea.

Fueling the future of shipping

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