We will restore our oceans –
by creating new value as fast as possible

Grieg Edge is the innovation unit
within the Grieg Star Group.

We identify, develop and commercialise new, green business opportunities in the maritime industries.

What we do

We develop new, green core business
The Grieg Star Group has a long and proud tradition in shipping, yet in a time of industry disruption, climate change and changing customer preferences, we cannot rest on our laurels.

Grieg Edge exists to identify and develop new business opportunities within shipping, ship owning and related maritime segments, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.
We solve customer problems through technology
The maritime industries are full of unresolved customer problems and imperfections large and small.

Grieg Edge works systematically to discover, understand and ultimately solve customer problems, ideally using modern technology to create sustainable solutions at scale.
We invest in and accelerate startups aligned with our vision
Entrepreneurs and innovators are entering the maritime sector armed with bright ideas, open minds and technological prowess. Some established players see them as threats – we see them as potential partners.

Grieg Edge helps relevant startups with capital, competencies and network access, so we can help restore our oceans faster together.
Team Edge
We are a multidisciplinary team with broad experience from shipping, finance, technology, and startups.
The Edge team is based in Bergen and Oslo, Norway.
Nicolai Grieg
T: +47 416 50 252
E: nicolai.grieg@griegstar.com
Vidar Lundberg
T: +47 957 47 100
E: vidar.lundberg@griegstar.com
Jan Øivind Svardal
T: +47 995 30 648
E: jan.svardal@griegstar.com
Thorbjørn Hansen
T: +47 900 49 286
E: thorbjorn.hansen@grieg.no
Kjerstin Hernes
T: +47 476 22 179
E: kjerstin.hernes@griegstar.com
Matthew Duke
T: +47 481 92 196
E: matthew.duke@griegstar.com
Rune Birkeland
T: +47 928 55 181
E: rune.birkeland@grieg.no
Andreas Gorm Tungland
T: +47 940 93 867
E: andreas.tungland@griegstar.com
Christer Dalsbøe
T: +47 400 52 503
E: christer.dalsboe@griegstar.com
Jacob Mørch
T: +47 916 24 033
E: jacob.moerch@griegstar.com
Sustainability by default
Everything we do is based on our commitment to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, with a particular emphasis on the following five:
Contact us
We are always looking for people who feel energised by our vision and what we do.

Please get in touch if you are an entrepreneur in the maritime space, a corporate partner looking to co-create or cooperate, or if you are looking for a way to make a difference to our oceans.