Join us and take part in the green revolution of shipping

Jun 13, 2022

Grieg Edge is seeking a Head of Commercial to build its new subsidiary and project company for the distribution of green ammonia. The company will commercially operate the MS Green Ammonia tanker, one of the world’s first ammonia-fuelled ships and a momentous step toward zero-carbon shipping.

The right candidate has a strong business mindset, problem-solving abilities, entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional communication skills. You will be a driving and leading force in the development of the project company.

Scope of work:

  • Project management of the company creation
  • Develop business model, business case, exploit funding sources and commercial feasibility
  • Identify and secure potential industry partners and establish partnerships to further develop and mature the ammonia distribution
  • Identifying attractive energy and distribution locations, explore relevant storage opportunities and port facilities
  • Identify and secure relevant end-users for green ammonia demand and ensure offtake contracts entered into
  • Develop knowledge and expertise on the relevant aspects of the ammonia distribution concept
  • Engage and obtain close relations with research programs, industry networks, forums, knowledge clusters and similar programs related to the ammonia distribution concept
  • Contribute to knowledge sharing across Grieg Group companies, brokers and advisers, and maintain close relations with end customers and industry partners
  • Work closely with internal and external project teams and stakeholders


Desired background and qualifications:

  • A strong academic record from a leading university
  • More than 10 years of work experience, preferably from the maritime industry or similar
  • Experience in commercializing business cases and the ability to develop strong customer relations
  • Strong commercial and technical skills
  • Extensive relevant industrial network
  • Proficient oral and written communication skills in Norwegian and English


Desired personal characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial, innovative, and with a curious mindset
  • Collaborative, independent and a flexible attitude
  • Energetic and self-motivated
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with a humble, balanced and hands-on personality
  • Drive and passion for sustainability and value creation
  • Self-driven and pro-active


The position will be located in the Grieg offices at Aker Brygge in Oslo or Grieg Gaarden in Bergen.


Three employees talking

In Grieg Maritime Group, we go to work to earn money, have fun and behave properly. We innovate and deliver sustainability services to the maritime industry through our subsidiaries, Grieg Edge and Grieg Green. Through Grieg Shipowning and Grieg Star, the group develops world-leading ship owning and ship management operations with over 30 ships within the Open Hatch segment. All our vessels trade in G2 Ocean, the world’s biggest Open Hatch shipping company, jointly owned by Gearbulk and ourselves.


Grieg Edge is a dedicated innovation hub in Grieg Maritime Group. In Grieg Edge, we aim to identify and develop new business opportunities within shipping and related maritime segments – always with sustainability as a requirement. Grieg Edge is designing green infrastructure and distribution models in Norway with global potential and received Pilot-E grants in 2020 to develop the green ammonia distribution further.

We will evaluate applicants continuously but will end the search on the 31st of July


Ascender Executive Search and Assessment:
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