Grieg Edge joins offshore desalination startup Ocean Oasis as partner and investor

May 6, 2021 | News, Ocean Ventures

Ocean Oasis example

Norwegian startup Ocean Oasis targets carbon-free offshore desalination using innovative offshore technology. That is a perfect fit for Grieg Edge’s investment strategy.


Nearly 1.5 billion people live in areas with high or extremely high water vulnerability. With population growth and climate change, water scarcity will affect over half the world’s population by 2050.

“Our vision is a world without water scarcity. Our mission is to provide sustainable and affordable freshwater and hence tackling one of the most significant global challenges in the years to come. We are confident that we can supply water competitively to coastal communities and businesses in many locations worldwide,” Says CEO of Ocean Oasis, Kristine B. Fredriksen.

A perfect fit

The freshwater startup is barely a year old. Still, the minds behind the idea have been working on realising the technology for almost a decade. 

“In the Grieg Maritime Group, we say we will create maritime solutions for a better future. And that is what Kristine and her team in Ocean Oasis are planning to do: create a better future. Their ability to create a business while solving a fundamental worldwide problem using non-carbon energy is a perfect fit for our investment policy,” says Head of Grieg Edge, Nicolai Grieg.

Grieg Edge has not only invested in Ocean Oasis but will also be an active partner. Kjerstin Hernes will enter the Ocean Oasis Board of Directors on behalf of Grieg Edge. Furthermore, Ocean Oasis will be able to draw on the expertise of the Grieg Maritime Group.

Shared values

Earlier this year, Ocean Oasis secured support from Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway in several rounds. Other prominent investors are Kristin and Johan Odfjell through Planet 9 Venture, former Statoil/Equinor CEO Harald Norvik, Grethe and Sjur Thorsheim, FemInvest and Stefano Bernardi through Atomico’s angel program.

“We tap into Norway’s maritime expertise to pioneer a new, sustainable ocean technology. For us at Ocean Oasis, having Grieg Maritime Group on board as an active partner and investor makes perfect sense. We share the values and the passion for a more sustainable and fair world,” says Kristine B. Fredriksen.


Thomas Berge Johannessen, Kristine Fredriksen, Sebastian Feimblatt

The Ocean Oasis team: Thomas Berge Johannessen, Kristine Fredriksen, Sebastian Feimblatt.

Kristine Fredriksen, CEO of Ocean Oasis

Kristine Fredriksen, CEO of Ocean Oasis

Nicolai Grieg, Head of Grieg Edge